Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start sleep training?

Sleep training can usually begin around 4 months of age or 12 pounds but you can begin to instill solid sleep foundations in your baby during the newborn days!

What sleep challenges can Morning Bells address?

Nighttime and nap difficulties, independent sleep in the child’s own crib/bed and/or room, frequent night wakings, nighttime weaning, short or inconsistent naps, early morning wake ups, nap transitions, sleep regressions.

What ages of children will you sleep train?

We will sleep train child ages 4 months to 5 years. For infants under 4 months of age we can work with you to set up solid sleep foundations and transition to sleep training once they are ready.

How long does the sleep training process take?

It is different for every child but consistency is key. With consistency you should see sleep improvements within 1-2 weeks.

Does sleep training improve naps?

Yes! We can work on naps at the same time as nighttime sleep or work on nighttime sleep followed by naps.

What sleep training methods do you use?

Every child and family is different; therefore we use a variety of sleep training techniques ranging from gentle methods to cry it out. Some children need physical touch, other children just need to see you, while others may be more determined and stubborn. We will build a customized sleep plan for your child based upon the needs of your child and family, your child’s personality, and your parenting philosophies and beliefs.

Does sleep training mean letting them cry it out?

Babies communicate through crying. There will be some crying during sleep training as the baby learns their new sleep routine BUT you will not have to do full cry it out unless that is what you want! You will be able to reassure your child during the process.

Can we sleep train with co-sleeping/bed-sharing?

No, for successful and safe sleep training your child needs to be in their own safe sleep space. We can definitely help you transition your child from co-sleep/bed-sharing to their own crib/bed/room.

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